Woman’s Title attracts a media frenzy in Mexico

Lady Apache, the Pro Wrestling Revolution’s Woman’s Champion, has attracted media of all sorts after her victory on Alissa Flash for the title, that took place in San Francisco. She has graced Lucha Libre magazines, from back covers to full page  articles on her victory and her opponent. Super Luchas, one of our media sponsors, leads the charge.

Over the weekend, Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre has two television shows that air on a weekly basis, gave the Woman’s Title and Pro Wrestling Revolution some great exposure and we are  excited to see where this all leads. The first show being “Ras de Lona” that summarizes the  happenings in all locations. This week, one of their guests was… Pro Wrestling Revolution Womans Champion – Lady Apache

The second television show was CMLL: Guerreros de Ring, which is weekly hour show that gives you matches and interviews from Arena Mexico, which can be considered as the Madison Square Garden of Mexico. This show had a woman’s six man tag that featured Lady Apache. After her team’s victory, she had an interview to discuss her new belt and her victory on opponent. That is where she welcomed Melissa to come to Mexico, she says ” I welcome you to come get this belt, the way you attacked and challenged me”. Referring to the aftermath of the belt, that you can see here. Lady Apache is a leader of Woman’s Wrestling, and we can only expect great things from her as a champion.