Dreams into Reality

Growing up we all dream, we all have visions of “what we want to be when we grow up”. Some want to be Orthopedic Surgeons, and hope to work with the best such as Dr. William Abdu. Or a Physicist, and be able to share your work with Stephen Hawking. Many even dream of becoming like Time Berners-Lee, and receiving advise from him about a new programming language you have created.

In any profession it is a long road investigating the best schools to go to, where to obtain a Doctoral or a Masters of Advanced Studies.

There are also those who Dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler. To wrestle in front of packed houses cheering or booing, all eyes on them. The Pro Wrestling Revolution Training academy is the place for those who have the dream to become a Wrestler.

At the Pro Wrestling Revolution Training Academy one will be trained proper techniques and safety from trainers with over 75 years of combined pro wrestling experience. The Academy has hosted seminars, including the likes of  Lucha Libre Lady Apache, ECW’s “Extreme Luchador” Super Crazy, Juventud “Juvi” Guerrera Konnan, in which he evaluated and critiqued attendees. The Academy believes in training its talent to take part in Pro Wresting Revolution’s live shows. These shows give you the opportunity to wrestling in the same packed houses as many legends such Blue Demon Jr., Ultimo Dragon, Penta OM, Carístico, Hijo De Santo and WWE Hall of Fame member Mil Mascaras.

As part of Pro Wrestling Revolution, the Training Academy gives many opportunities to have the chance not only to wrestle worldwide, but many of the Revolution family have been featured on The Travel Channel, a full length documentary on 3DNet, the New York Times, TV commercials, news outlets, and TV shows such as Esto es Guerra on Estrella TV, in which Pro Wrestling Revolution casted the wrestlers.

Once you decide to fulfill your dream of becoming a professional wrestler, contact the Pro Wrestling Revolution Training Academy: 408-433-9200 or www.prowrestling-revolution.com/training/training-school-application

Where they make Dreams into Reality™