Training Academy

Pro Wrestling Revolution’s Training Academy consists of two different programs for people to select from. There is the “Pro Wrestling” style that many are familiar with and there is our “Lucha Libre” style that has become so popular around the world.

Our programs are scheduled for a 12 month course, but we are well aware that some may need more time and are prepared for this as well.

  1. Beginners
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Training will include:

  • Emphasis on the fundamentals
  • Drills
  • Conditioning
  • Ring psychology
  • Development of timing and positioning
  • Continuous evaluation
  • Advice on character development
  • Assistance with promos
  • Etiquette in & out of the ring

Each course has a testing period that will allow you to move forward if ready or take the course again and refine your skills, to prepare you to your next course. There are no contracts asked to be signed, and no finance charges to be hassled with.

We are located at:
1725 Rogers Ave. Suite I
San Jose, California 95112

If if this what you want to do, we are here when you are ready, please fill out our online application and a trainer will be in touch with you.

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