Thank you Santa Maria!

la_parka_pwr_091209Pro Wrestling Revolution closes the year out for Santa Maria with a fun night of wrestling & lucha libre.  A total of 746 fans came out to show their support and we thank them for choosing us during these tough economic times, for their entertainment. We had the debut of el Dragón del Infierno, who shined and we are proud to finally have him on board. The team of Captain Calico and Mr. Wrestling Iv are gaining steam, they took the fans by storm and had all on their feet in appreciation.

La Parka came and went and left a welt on a few and a big impression on all. The Santa Maria Convention Center went ballistic as the lights went out and the sounds of “Thriller” played. A night we will all remember!  Our fans are great and we are lucky to have you.

El Dorado Broadcasting was a blessing and we look forward to many more shows together, together, we make a great tag team!

¡Gracias a todos y que Viva la Revolucion!