Thank you Santa Clara County Fair

Pro Wrestling Revolution made its debut at the Santa Clara County Fair, and we could not be any more thankful for the experience. Our company is based out of San Jose,  so growing up, going to the Fair was an exciting time to enjoy the rides, food, and all of the entertainment the fair had to offer, and now, being featured at the Fair, and that is fabulous.

There was a crowd of 1500 fans in the Main Stage stands, cheering and screaming, all having a great time. We saw a diverse crowd and we are proud to be able to entertain them all. The amount of kids that were smiling and reaching out for autographs, and a  “high-five” was something our talent will not soon forget.

This show had it all, from El Mariachi, Pantera Jr and Ultimo Panda walking around with a mariachi band, to the debut of Los Luchas, who turned heads with their ring abilities and to the new era of Hijo de Re Misterio.

Thank you Santa Clara County Fair and we will see you next year. ¡Viva la Revolutuon!