Results & Images: Reina de la Revolucion

Pro Wrestling Revolution presented Reina de la Revolucion and by far was an eye opening experience  to all involved. So many talented wresters took part and showed those in San Francisco, and tuning in on and on that women’s wrestling is on the rise. These women were all fighting to become the new Pro Wrestling Revolution Woman World Champion.

The Pro Wrestling Revolution Women’s World Title is one of the most prestigious women’s wrestling championships in the world having been defended not only throughout the United States, but in Mexico, South America and the Middle East as well – a true world championship. Recognized on CMLL television as an official title during the 2010 reign of legendary luchadora Lady Apache, Revolution has always had a commitment to seeking out the best female wrestlers in the world to challenge for the belt. 

These women were incredible!

Thunder Rosa over Brittany Wonder
Nicole Savoy over  Holidead
Black Fury over Cristal
Lady Apache over Lady Lee

Black Fury over Lady Apache Brittany Wonder & Nicole Savoy

Christina Von Eerie over Black Fury

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