It’s a Media Frenzy!

Univsion KSMSAs we prepare for our first run of shows in 2009, we are hard at work to start the year off on the right note. While we have one part of our team working on our show in San Francisco, we have another portion of our team working hard on the debut show in King City at the Salinas Valley Fairgrounds. With that being said, we had previously announced “La Preciosa” had come on board as our lead media sponsor, and now we are proud to announce a new members to our sponsorship team, just not one, but two.

We welcome Univision KSMS-Costa Central and Telefutura KDJT-Costa Central as media sponsors for the show in King City. We are excited to have them on board and even more with the coverage they have in the area, that will let a mass audience know that Pro Wrestling Revolution, featuring Blue Demon Jr., Oliver John, Hijo de Rey Misterio is coming to town. When you have a top radio station like “La Preciosa’ and television stations like Univision and Telefutura, this is by far a “media frenzy!”