Holiday Special… 2 for the price of 1!

Happy Holidays! The Pro Wrestling Revolution Training Academy’s in the holidays spirit and has an offer than can not be passed up. If you want to make your Dreams into Realityâ„¢ and become a professional wrestler, now is the time. 2 FOR 1… thats right, 2 of you can join for the price on 1!

With the opportunities to take part in PPVs, a weekly television show, wrestling shows out of the state and so much more, it all start with your trainer. Be trained at the Academy by the best trainers in the area, second to none.

  • KAFU - He leads the way with his never quit attitude, and being able to teach his students to have desire, respect and the hard work that is needed in the ring. Once the path of pro wrestling was in-front of him, he made it his goal to excel and push himself to limits that no other sport had laid before him. Working on the independent scene, establishing himself in the industry, he worked for companies all over the world
  • Derek Sanders - He has taken his pro wrestling career, at such a young stage, to many places around the world and on major levels. He has traveled to wrestling in Portugal on numerous tours where he wrestled in-front of the Portuguese government officials, Canada, Mexico and offers to wrestling in Bolivia
  • Robert Thompson –  The World Wrestling Federation had Robert Thompson on their television tapings, wrestling the likes of  Tatanka, Dan Severn, Money Inc, Too Cool and many more. In his career he had opportunities to be a part of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) as he was offered a contract on more than one occasion but politely declined, as he chose the role of a father to his daughter , this alone shows the type of person and trainer that the Pro Wrestling Revolution Training Academy is proud to have on our staff
  • Vaquero Fantasma –  Vaquero Fantasma was born into Lucha Libre. At the very young age of 5 years old, his family were all promoters, trainers, and luchadores in his hometown of Mexico City. He used to put up the posters for the events, do music, and even referee for the events put on by family. His name comes from his trainers, who were Vaquero Fantasma – Tom Mix Jr, Vaquero Fantasma II – Carta Brava, Vaquero Fantasma III – Bala de Plata
  • Mini Halloween - He is know to be one of the top rudos in Mexico and is well respected as being one of the best minis in the world by his peers. He has explained to Pro Wrestling Revolution that he is bringing the same mentality and training that is given in Arena Mexico. That is Lucha Libre at its best!

We look forward to making your Dreams into Reality™. To find out how to take advantage of this special, fill out our online application.