ComedySportz vs. Pro Wrestling Revolution

cmzvsrev.jpgComedySportz and Pro Wrestling Revolution have joined forces to make a great tag team. ComedySportz will be a sponsor for Revolution’s live event on Saturday May 17th at Mount Pleasant High School. This event will benefit the Mount Pleasant High School wrestling team. Much like our High School League motto “No Child Left Offstage” we also believe no child should be counted out of the ring.

Pro Wrestling Revolution will also be sending us guest pro wrestlers to play with us in live matches at ComedySportz very soon. Some of you long time fans may remember our “Cage Match” weekends. There’ll be no cage this time but our veteran Actletes may find no place to run when the wrestlers invade our arena!

Come see what happens April 11 and 12 (buy tickets) when the ring ropes come down and the improv dukes go up, as some of the most talented pro wrestlers today join us on the field to match wits with our seasoned Actletes. There will be plenty of muscle and funny to go around so COME GET SOME!