Thank you San Francisco!

Pro Wrestling Revolution returned to San Francisco, to open the 2011 year of Lucha Libre – Pro Wrestling action. The show came in being promoted well with media and pounded the pavement. There was the return of Hijo de Rey Misterio, the debut of our new student, El Mariachi, new talent in Timothy Thatcher, the retirement match of Shantel Taylor, the debut of Amnesia, and not to mention a roster ready to get back to action.

A crowd of just under 700 fans came out to support the show, the school, and made for a great night. The economy is still holding a sleeper hold on the entertainment dollar for the community in the Bay Area, and we are thankful that the fans chose Pro Wrestling Revolution to provide them with entertainment.

We want to thank all our sponsors, El Mensajero, EstrellaTV KNTC Channel 42, La Bamba Magazine, and La Casita Chilanga, San Jalisco and Puerto Allegre! We will see you next year!