Results – Las Vegas – June 9th

This was a night that we will not soon forget. The experience of running a show outside of California was a first for Pro Wrestling Revolution and we have to admit, we had no idea what to expect. Many things had to be perfect in order for a show like this to actually happen and everything came together when it had to. It was great to see so much talent from many different areas of the world, all come together and put on a show that was nothing short of incredible.

The opportunity to work with many legends on this show and getting feedback was appreciated and absorbed as much as we could. Hearing ideas from legends like Harley Race, Nick Bockwinkel, Pat Patterson, J.J. Dillon, Ross Hart and so many more, is very special.

What put the “cherry on top” so to speak, for the event was the match between Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Go Shiozaki versus Pro Wrestling Revolution’s Oliver John. Going into the match, on paper, there was a big expectation for this match, but what ended up as being the result was a 5 minute standing ovation from all in attendance that ranged from fans to legends. That alone can tell you the magnitude of this match. This was definitely a Main Event anywhere… ANYWHERE. We look forward to a possible Shiozaki – John II taking place sometime again this year.

Thank you to everybody that came out to help and make this a success!

  • Go Shiozaki w/Harley Race over “Old School” Oliver John
  • Ryan Von Cool won a 20 Man Battle Royal
  • Tito Aquino over Steve Anthony, Virgil Flynn and Brian Nguyen
  • Kirby Mack over Ricky Landell w/Nick Bockwinkel
  • Nikki Matthews w/Ross Hart over Veronika Vice
  • Gangrel & Billy Blade w/Luna Vachon over Jeff McCallister & Black Metal
  • Chris Masters & Derek Sanders over G.Q. Gallo & Din T. Moore
  • Billy V & Mr. Wrestling IV w/J.J. Dillon over Saint Laurent & Chasyn Rance
  • Paul Diamond over Tristan Gallo and Dallas Murdoch w/Rock Riddle

Go Shiozaki vs. Oliver John