Results & Images – Watsonville 07.28.12

A very historic night took place this past Saturday in Watsonville, California. The show was a success on so many levels. We had a crowd well over 750 witness the first lucha libre show filmed in 3D, as we finished a long week of taping. For 8 days, Pro Wrestling Revolution talent and students were interviewed at home, work, at the Training Academy and of course, at the show.

There were cameras there that many of us only have seen on major television events, as it roamed through the entire venue, sweeping from left to right and top to bottom. 3D cameras on scaffolds, at ringside, in the crowd, and it made the show have exactly what it was, our biggest show of the year.

A very proud moment in our company and thankful for all of the people who have supported us, the wrestlers who believed in our vision and the countless sponsors. Thank you for believing, and we delivered a show that Watsonville will never forget. All of our staff and pro wrestlers are looking forward to coming back to Watsonville, as we return on September 16 for the Santa Cruz County Fair. We will see you then!

¡Viva la Revolución!

Here are the results:

  • PRO WRESTLING REVOLUTION HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: “El Patron” Oliver John over Blue Demon Jr.
  • PRO WRESTLING REVOLUTION TAG TEAM TITLES: El Dinamita & KAFU over Rik Luxary & Famous B
  • PRO WRESTLING REVOLUTION JR. HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: “Border Patrol” Bryan Cage over El Mariachi
  • “Wiggle Wiggle Man” Willie Mac & El Ultimo Panda & El Galan over Sheik Kahn Abadi & Pantera Jr.& “Border Patrol” Derek Sanders
  • Cazador del Alma over Rey Tigre

Here are the images: