Pro Wrestling Revolution lands a weekly TV Show!

Pro Wrestling Revolution set to debut on KMCE TV43 Fight Night!
Pro Wrestling Revolutions’ Uprising lands a weekly spot on Azteca America KMCE TV43.

SAN JOSE, CA — November 17, 2012 — Pro Wrestling Revolution has come to agreement with Azteca America KMCE TV43 to begin airing its show — Uprising — weekly, starting in December. The half-hour show features premier lucha libre talent, including Blue Demon Jr., La Migra’s® Oliver John , La Parka, KAFU, Mascara Sagrada, El Mariachiâ„¢, Lady Apache, and many more!

The premier episode of Uprising — airing December 8th at midnight — will showcase a classic Lucha Libre Minis Match, featuring from “Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre” (CMLL) Pequeño Pierroth vs. Ultimo Dragoncito!
Pro Wrestling Revolution will bring the action directly to viewers homes, on Azteca America TV43 in Monterey, Salinas and Santa Cruz counties.

“We’re increasing the international profile of Lucha Libre by bringing Pro Wrestling Revolutions’ Uprising to Azteca America KMCE TV43, “said Doug Howland, General Manager, Azteca America KMCE TV43. “We’re developing a lasting relationship with Pro Wrestling Revolution to continue giving our audience the kind of quality programming that they’ve come to expect from Azteca America.”

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About Pro Wrestling Revolution
The year of 2008 marked the start of a new breed of professional wrestling in California. Pro Wrestling Revolution is born. With that in mind, Pro Wrestling Revolution is also be known as “La Revolucion de la Lucha Libre”. The goal was not to try to reinvent the sport of professional wrestling but take back to where it needed to be with a mixture of what it has become today. One of the major ingredients of Pro Wrestling Revolution is the mixture of Lucha Libre. It is obvious to all; this is something that cannot be contained. Pro Wrestling Revolution offers an action packed web site (