New Champions crowned in Puerto Rico!

Pro Wrestling Revolution had two World Titles defended in Puerto Rico this past Sunday, April 21 for the debut show for the (WWL) World Wrestling League. The two champions defending their titles were Pro Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight Champion Oliver John – El Patron de La Migra, and Alissa Flash, who had just recently won the title in a match versus Dark Angel, as they faced off versus former Revolution Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr, and Ivelisse Vélez, former WWE Tough Enough contestant and TNA Knockout.

Blue Demon Jr. came out victorious over Oliver John, but came out with a torn ligament in the end. The feud between these continues, 4 year later. Alissa Flash, put Ivelisse Vélez through a vicious beating from start to end, but the arrogance of not taking the winning pin, came back to haunt her and cost Alissa Flash her World Title. The rematch will take place May 10-11 for our double shot weekend.

This show was available for iPPV on on Sunday and will be replayed for all to watch again or for the firs time this week. We are thankful to WWL for the opportunity to have our presence made in such a great event  and help promote our brand to the rest of the world!

¡Viva la Revolución!