Images – San Jose Earthquakes 04.23.11

What a great day was had with the San Jose Earthquakes at Buck Shaw Stadium! Where can you find Lucha Libre, live mariachi and karaoke, you found it all at the Pre Game festivities. It was a great way to get our students an opportunity to work in-front of a live, and large crowd, and get exposure for our Pro Wrestling Revolution brand.

Having leaders like Vincent Masarro, KAFU, and Hijo de Misterioso at the event and helping the students is something these kids will not soon forget. We are also sure that the Earthquakes mascot, “Q” will also not soon forget his quick seminar… “Did you feel that?!”

This also gives us the opportunity to see what students are ready for the next step and go on our shows, which I believe we accomplished, and offer the opportunity to possible students who want to do the same and be trained to learn Lucha Libre or Pro Wrestling.

Thank you to our entire team, to La Bamba Magazine for the trust you have placed in us, and of course, the San Jose Earthquakes.