Results & Images: Napa 10.17.15

Pro Wrestling Revolution made its debut in the city of Napa, California at the Napa Valley Expo with a huge night of Lucha Libre! We had the debut of a living legend in Octagon, who staged up with another legend in Atlantis! The packed house loved it and all left asking for more matches, Great way to debut in a new city!


  • Atlantis & Octagon over Pirata Morgan & Rey Buccanero
  • Rey Horus over Bestia 666
  • Hijo de Trump over El Campesino II
  • El Ultimo Panda over Pantera Jr.
  • Vaquero Fantasma & Cazador del Alma over Anarkia & Meteoro
  • Christina Von Erie over La Travesia
  • El Chicano over Matt Carlos


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