It is a Mini Revolution!

Minis have a place in Lucha Libre History since the early 1970’s. The Minis are not restricted to working outside of Mexico, although Mexico is the only country to regularly promote the Minis as a specific division until 2009 when Northern California based Pro Wrestling Revolution became the only United States based promotion to have created a specific Minis World Championship.

Over the years, Minis are patterned after “regular sized” wrestlers and are sometimes called “mascotas” if they team with the regular sized version.

Mini Mariachi™ is no different as he mirrors himself after El Mariachi™; who held the Pro Wrestling Revolution Junior Heavyweight Championship for over 250 days.

On April 27th 2014, as part of Masked Republic’s Masked Mania, Mini Mariachi™ will defend his Pro Wrestling Revolution World Minis Championship against his long time nemisis Pequeño Pierroth.

Who is Mini Mariachi™? Pro Wrestling Revolution has no concerns in letting the masses in on that secret. Mini Mariachi™ is none other than the Original Octogoncito. Octogoncito has had a historic career, part of the originals minis that Antonio Peña created, and has held the Pro Wrestling Revolution World Minis Championship for over 1600 days.

We are honored to continue a Lucha Libre tradition as the Original Octogoncito continues to defend the Pro Wresting Revolution World Minis Title as Mini Mariachi™