Results & Images – Watsonville 07.30.11

It was one of more aticiapted  shows of 2011 and the show delivered on many levels. We were at capacity, and the talent delivered! We welcomed the Kung Fu Panda to our roster, and from the sounds of all the kids in attendance , they loved him, KOKIS from Radio Lazer make his pro wrestling debut, and we all witnessed Blue Demon Jr and El Patron of the Border Patrol® in a cage match that gave us more than people expected. as Blue Demon Jr. remained the Pro Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight Champion.

Our sponsors were ore than happy with what they saw and we look forward to working with them again in the near future!

Thank you, much as gracias Watsomville, we will see you in September!

Here are the results:

  • PRO WRESTLING REVOLUTION HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE – CAGE MATCH : Blue Demon Jr. over Border Patrolâ„¢ – Oliver John
  • RADIO LAZER SPECIAL ATTRACTION: ”Rey de la Guillotina” Anarkia y KOKIS over Hijo del Misterioso y Salvador Prieto 
  • “El Poderoso” KAFU over  Border Patrol™ – Bryan Cage
  • La Diamante & Kung Fu Panda & Mr Wrestling IV over Grappler III & Thunderkitty & Cazador del Alma
  • Famous B over La Pantera
  •  El Mariachi defeated Dragon de Plata
Here are the images of the show: