Journey of Life…Revolution student – El Galactico

As I’m standing in the back second before getting my name called out and my music played and I make my debut in my home town,  I get flashbacks from the 1st day of training. Remember walking into a warehouse and thinking to myself “what did I get myself into?” I took a chance and I believe in my trainers, and in Gabe.  So I take a few steps closer and I start to do some push-ups with a big smile on my face, knowing that I’m just second away from realizing my dream. As I open the drapes and see all the fans I get the chills, I start to remember as I kid how I looked up to the luchadores as my super heroes and now after all the sacrifice and time I have become that super hero.

I take a few steps to the left and start slapping the fans hands something comes in me and I start to dance.  I dance for a few seconds and continue my path to the ring.  As I’m walking I spot my family, I walk to them. Having another mask on my waist, I give my little brother a hug and then I put on him my original mask.  As I finally get into the ring that’s where the whole magic happens and I can’t say I truly remember it something came about me and just took over.

Estando enfrente de mi familia y amigos es algo que nunca lo voy a olvidar. Despues de ganarle a un luchador con tanto experiensa y con tanto talent como es el Casador Del Alma me gano mi sentimentos y quise darle las gracias ay mi madre y a la ciudad de Watsonville.  La pinche migra si me dieron en la madre pero yo no me di por vesido y ni dege que me ulmillaran.  Pero al fin me vege del Vaquero Fantasma, que se olvida que es mexicano,  que se dio a las manos del patron Oliver John.

En esa noche mi sueno se iso realidad en ensa noche yo me volvi en el Vaquero Galactico! Gracias madre y familia y gracias a todos que soportan la lucha libre.

Esto aque no se acaba…


!!Vaquero Galactico!

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