BREAKING NEWS: Inoki Genome Federation

Pro Wrestling Revolution has been contacted by the National Wrestling Alliance’s office concerning the NWA Heritage Title that is currently held by Pro Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight Champion Oliver John. Inoki Genome Federation has come to an agreement and a title shot will be given to Atsushi Sawada. This match will take place on Saturday, July 31st for Pro Wrestling Revolution’s show in Watsonville.

Oliver John was scheduled to wrestle a different opponent, but this match will take place as Gabriel Ramirez has spoken to the NWA and let them know the match will take place. The pressure on Oliver John is at an all time high. The week before this new match, he defends his Heavyweight Title in Mexico versus Blue Demon Jr, and comes home to face an opponent he has never faced before.

When Atsushi Sawada was asked about Oliver John he said, “I do not like how Oliver John treats people, especially non Americans”

Pro Wrestling Revolution would like to thank the National Wrestling Alliance and the Inoki Genome Federation for allowing this match to take place with our company.