Mascots in Training!

Pro Wrestling Revolution has an experience that it has not come close to… training Mascots! The team of Mascots lead by the San Francisco Giants’ mascot, Lou Seal, Oakland A’s Stomper, San Jose Giants’ Gigante and the rest of the Seal family. The trainers at Revolution have trained many wrestlers, men, woman but never a mascot, and, this was something that we will never forget. We cant wait to see the Mascot Battle Royal!

We also taped our commercial for the May 1st show, for the “Cinco De Mayo Celebration” We will debut the commercial this week and we hope everybody enjoys it as much as we did producing it.

We want to thank Lou Seal for his hard work, his team of mascots and the San Francisco Giants… muchas gracias. Of course we want to thank our Trainers KAFU, Vaquero Fantasma, Rey Tigre and Derek Sanders, thank you team!