Year of the Ox – 2009!

The year of the Ox, “this year is all about hard work – there are no instant rewards, short cuts, or magic bullets. As you might imagine, the Ox is a creature of great strength and deliberate movement”

Pro Wrestling Revolution has been on a concrete path, with few cracks and rocks in the way. I appreciate and want to thank each of you who have kicked the rocks, and filled the cracks to help us move forward.

As Gabe mentioned, our outlook for 2009 was 12 shows, we did it, 14 shows! Adding to this Revolution was represented in NWA TV Tapings, Bolivia, New York, New Jersey, and Tiajuna. I might even have left out more.

We have built a lot of new relationships this year and strengthen current ones.

Blue, Vaquero, Oliver, Derek, Jon, Rik, Tom, Octogoncito, Penqueno Pierroth, Hijo de Rey Misterio, many throw out the word family very loosely and when times get tough, it all changes and you become unwelcome black sheep. You are all always welcome in my home anytime, wrestling related or not, that is what family is about.

Stacey, Magdalena, Sandy, Monica, Karina, Kena, Omar, Alfredo, thank you for all the support, without each of you our events would not be successful.

Of course, the Ox of Revolution, Gabriel Ramirez, every moment he puts his heart and soul into Revolution, every moment, and every breath is a deliberate movement in making Revolution the best it can be.

Thank you so much to those who have helped Revolution stay on top of the game in 2009, special thanks to my parents, Javier, Kevin, Jeremy, Jason, Rosa, Dave, Bob, Roger, and of course Shacara. I feel like the music should start now and Kanye should be cutting in….

So at that…Maybe my New Year Resolution for Revolution should be; Not to drive so fast…on second thought, aren’t we all along for the ride!

2010 the Revolution Continues

Shannon Ramirez
VP, Pro Wrestling Revolution