Start spreading the news… here comes La Migra!

ny_poster_2009Pro Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight Champion and NWA Heritage Champion, Border Patrol’s Oliver John makes his way to the city that doesn’t sleep, New York. He is there to confront his top rival, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr. It is obvious they know each other well but this time around, Oliver John will be also taking on another Living Legend, in Mexico’s El Santo.

This is a great opportunity for a war to break out between them and only time can tell. Scheduled to appear is Pro Wrestling Revolution and NWA Worlds Mini’s Champion, Octagoncito as he takes on Mascarita Sagrada.

Pro Wrestling Revolution owner, Gabriel Ramirez. will be present and hopes to come away with new friends and new business opportunities. There are two shows taking place in one day and we can’t wait to see what is in stored for all involved.

Start spreading the news… Join the Revolution!