Bakersfield – June 27th, 2009

bako_062709_englishPro Wrestling Revolution makes its debut in Bakersfield at the Bakersfield Dome. This maybe our debut in the area but we are very familiar as we have had a presence in the area before. This time around we come to you with a flurry of media taking part, from television, radio and print and we hope we can make a difference.

The Dome has had wrestling and lucha librein the past, but we feel we are bringing you something that brings a quality product, from behind the curtain to the ticket takers, don’t let past the rocky past fool you.

The line up we have set is strong but with out knowing what is taking place the day before in Santa Maria, we can only assume tempers will be at a high elvel before the doors even open at the Dome in Bakersfield. One thing is for sure, the fueds continue, the action will be top quality and the winners in all of this are the fans. We hope to see old fans and make new ones as we attempt to make Bakersfield and the Dome a new home for Pro Wrestling Revolution.

¡Viva la Revolución!

Blue Demon Jr & Hijo de Rey Misterio
“Border Patrol” Oliver John & Derek Sanders

“Border Patrol” Zack Reeb vs. Super Crazy

Gangrel & Raisha Saed w/ Fatima Al Hassan
Mr. Wrestling IV & Rain

“Mystico de Juarez” Incognito vs. Magno

“Latin Explosion” El Amante & Ulysses
Rockero del Diablo & Vaquero Fantasma

Rik Luxury vs. Jon Anderson

“Rock of Love” Billy Blade & Kadin Anthony
“Polyester Express” w/ “Dazzling” Dixie Lane

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