Results & Images – San Francisco 06.06.09

San Francisco was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Blue Demon Jr. and many were ready to see the match up with “Border Patrol’s” Oliver John. What nobody expected was multiple Blue Demon Jr matches with Oliver John.  The show opened with Oliver John pinning Blue Demon Jr. and winning the NWA World Title, but later turned out it was not the real Blue Demon Jr. nor the real NWA World Tittle.

We hope to hear from the offices of the National Wrestling Alliance. Oliver John is claiming to be the NWA World Champion and Blue Demon Jr. says he has the correct belt and is recognized . All we know and can assure you, is this is far from being over.

  • Blue Demon Jr. over  Oliver John
  • Hijo de Rey Misterio & Ulysses & El Amante over Vaquero Fantasma & Blackfish & Rockero del Diablo
  • Octagoncito over Pequeño Pierroth
  • Derek Sanders & Zack Reeb over Polyester Express w/ “Dazzling” Dixie Lane
  • Mr. Wrestling IV over Rik Luxury
  • Lena Yada over Cristina Von Eerie

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