New NWA World Heavyweight Champion?

Ever since the “Border Patrol’s” Oliver John won the Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship in a match versus GANGREL, in San Jose in 2008, he has been on a rampage to take on Blue Demon Jr. and making sure the NWA took notice and would not stop until he got his hands on the gold. At the time Blue Demon Jr. had recently won the title from Adam Pearce in Mexico for NWA Mexico. Oliver has made sure people notice him and his work, no matter where he appeared.

At Cauliflower Alley he caught the eye of all legends and at the debut show for Revolution, his match versus Go Shiosaki received a standing ovation and great reviews from legends like Pat Paterson, Karl Lauer, Nick Bockwinkel and Harley Race. He made people notice him and take him serious for all title challenges and appearance around world.

For the NWA Showcase TV Tapings, Oliver John and Adam Pearce took on Bryan Danielson and Brent Albright, in a match that set the tone to the rest of the NWA, that Oliver John was ready to make his move. That same weekend, he met Blue Demon Jr. and he came up short, which only made Oliver John’s hunt for the title that much bigger.

He has feuded with Rey Misterio Sr, Hijo de Rey Misterio, Mr. Wrestling IV, Gangrel, until he met Ryan Taylor in Las Vegas in April of 2009. This match was for the NWA Heritage Title and Oliver John was not going to let this slip through hi hands. This would bring him one step closer to Blue Demon Jr.

This brings us to June 6th in 2009 as he took on Blue Demon Jr… and won the NWA World Heavyweight Title, but did he win the right belt? Controversy is surrounding him winning the “Red Belt”, and the fact that Blue Demon Jr he beat was not the real Blue Demon Jr. At the end of the night, Blue Demon Jr shows up with a “Black Belt”, the NWA World Heavyweight Title, and after back and forth, Blue Demon Jr. pinned Oliver John in a non title match… but who was the other Blue Demon Jr and why are there two belts?

Who is the real NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, Oliver John says,  “I am a Triple Champion and thats all there is to it!”