Mephisto coming to Pro Wrestling Revolution!

mephisto_pose_storyPro Wrestling Revolution continues to make big moves behind the scenes on international talent. On the heels of agreeing to brining in 1000% Guapo Shocker, the next name to come to the front is from Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in Mexico, he is Mephisto. This talent  is a second generation luchador, as his father. Astro Rey. was a well respected luchador. Mephisto  long time leader of the CMLL base stable Los Infernales Satánico has made himself a name to contend with in Mexico and in Japan.

Recently , February 15, 2009, Mephisto wrestled for the CMLL Welterweight Championship against Mistico on a NJPW Show in Sumo Hall, Tokyo. We look forward to his appearance and work in Pro Wrestling Revolution.