Thank you San Francisco!

Pro Wrestling RevolutionWe are sure there is so many ways to describe how we feel about our first show in 2009, and they all escape us besides… Thank you! It was a night we were all looking forward to and it delivered on many levels. The amount of media involved at the show was breathtaking. From television with Azteca America San Francisco, to radio with 93.3 La Raza, to newspaper El Mensajero, to national public radio, and local paper from the Mission. We are so blessed to be working with all these great people and even more to be working with Bob Gamiño.

Bob Gamiño, made a special announcement stating that after working with Pro Wrestling Revolution, the school will be giving out 2 scholarships of one thousand dollars each. We are very proud to be a part of something so special and we look forward to making it happen again when we return on June 6th!