The Revolution comes to Oakland

Revolution at Mariachi Magic!Pro Wrestling Revolution makes its debut in the city of Oakland on Sunday September 14th as one of the main attractions that is part of Mariachi Magic festival. This show was made possible because of our partnership with El Mensajero newspaper. We encourage everybody to come out early and enjoy the festival as ir will have great food, music and pro wrestling… LUCHA LIBRE!

This event for us will be a bit different from the shows we have had in the past.  We will have two shows set for this day. The first show will start promptly at 2pm and the second show will start at 4pm. This gives everybody an opportunity to enjoy all the festivities and events taking place that day. There is standing room only, so make sure you get your tacos of carne asada and make your way over to ringside.

The show will have all your favorite Pro Wrestling Revolution wrestlers you have all come to love and we are very excited to bring all this to Oakland. One half of the Pro Wrestling Revolution tag team champions, Hijo de Rey Misterio will be making his presence felt as he tags with another son of a legend, El Hijo del Sicodelico, as they both take on the much despised team of “The Border Patrol”.

These are some of the schedules matches:


Anarkya & Juventud 2000 & Gladiador Azteca
Stigma & Chicano Flame & Vaquero Fantasma
“Rock of Love” Billy Blade & Kayden
Ryan Von Cool & Ric Luxury


Hijo de Rey Misterio & Hijo del Sicodelico
“Border Patrol” Nathan Rulez & Derek Sanders

Pequeno Pierroth vs. Ocatgoncito

Mr. Wrestling IV
“Pitbull” Tito Aquino
“MPT” Mr. Primetime

Also Appearing: “Worlds Strongest Man” Jon Anderson, Jeckles the Jester. El Amante and many more!