“Old School” Oliver John on SLAM!

Pro Wrestling Revolution wrestler “Old School” Oliver John was featured in a story for SLAM! Wrestling. It is very well written and excited to see it is now out for the public to read and learn a little bit more of this talented athlete. We want to thank Greg Oliver for allowing us to be part of his write up and glad we were able to help.

Many times in life and even more in professional wrestling, people are over looked and miss out on all the great abilities and what that person can bring to the table. Oliver John is somebody that can hit the ground running and we are very grateful to have him in our company, but something tells me, that wont be for much longer.

“I was a competitive powerlifter as a teenager. I had a Road Warriors shirt on at the gym, and he was coming out, he was leaving the gym and I was getting done with the meet. He said, ‘Hey, I know those guys on your shirt.'” They started talking, and it grew in a few years to a true friendship. “Finally, in ’94, we opened up a school together. That’s when I formally started training in a ring.”

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