Revolution… Reality TV?

Pro Wrestling Revolution, LLC is very excited about our newest venture that takes us to the world of Reality TV. Yes, television. We have come to an agreement with Nappic Communications to take part in their newest project of reality television. We don’t want to give out too many details but this a great opportunity for everybody. We will be doing this in partnership with another pro wrestling company, ChickFight. The things that can take place are endless, so look out reality tv, just may have some new stars in the making.

“I am looking forward to working with such great people and thankful for the opportunity to promote pro wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, and Pro Wrestling Revolution. We look forward to seeing the end result and hope that we can be of help in the success of this project” says Gabriel Ramirez, owner of Pro Wrestling Revolution, LLC.

Nappic Communications’ list of companies that they have worked with is very grand, companies like Budweiser, Motorola, Nyquil, Southwest and many more. To be even mentioned in the same breath as these companies is great to say the least.

Budweiser: A global pale lager brand
Produced by- Steven Napolitan & Greg Donis / Directed by- Greg Donis

For more information on Nappic Communications please visit their website here.