Results – San Francisco – June 7th

Here are the results from our San Francisco show on Saturday June 7th show. It was a great crowd and we could not be happier. The school raised money and the fans all had a great time, what more can we ask for? Thank you so much for all who came out to the show, we appreciate the support!

  • Hijo del Sicodelico, Super Parka, Hijo de Rey Misterio over The Border Patrol
  • Gangrel over Jeckels
  • Cheerleader Melissa over Lacey Von Erich
  • Mr. Wrestling IV over MPT
  • Anarkia & Gladiator Azteca & Chicano Flame over Viajero & Ultimo Tigre & Stigma
  • Tito Aquino over Rik Luxury
  • “Rock of Love over Ryan Von Kool & Dylan Drake
  • Jon Anderson over Kid Omega

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