San Francisco – June 7th

Pro Wrestling Revolution makes it debut in San Francisco on Saturday June 7th with a start time of 7pm. This show is our biggest one to date as the list of names for this show vary from Lucha Legends to a legendary family name taking part of this event. Get your tickets here!

This show is a fund raiser for John O’Connell High School. A big thank you goes out to Coach Bob Gamino who has been a promoting machine to his students and the community. I look forward to seeing our fans at the show and look forward to making new ones.

We want to thank “Los Jarritos” Restaurant and Jostens for sponsoring the show and caring enough to give back. El Mensajero once again is a huge supporter of what we are doing and thank you is not enough for all that they do for the shows and Pro Wrestling Revolution. San Francisco I hope you are ready because we are on our way!

Border Patrol – Oliver John, Derek Sanders, Nathan Rulez
Hijo del Sicodelico, Super Parka, Hijo de Rey Misterio

Jeckels the Jester vs. Former WWE Superstar “Gangrel”

Lacey Von Erich vs. Cheerleader Melissa

Mr. Wrestling IV vs. MPT

Anarkia & Gladiator Azteca vs. Viajero & Vaquero Fantasma

Rik Luxury vs. Tito Aquino

“Rock of Love” Billy Blade & Kadin Anthony
Ryan Von Kool & Dylan Drake